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Our Process


The Wealthcare process is dynamic. Although we start with asset allocation, when lifestyle and life events change, we work to evolve a client's portfolio to meet new needs as well as responding to market changes and performance.

Commonwealth AMG focuses on your allocation and risk tolerance in order to select, monitor, change and report on the investments of your entire portfolio.

Our process works to ensure your goals are identified and met.

Define Objectives

When establishing objectives, we listen to you, the client, looking beyond your tangible goals to understand your unique personal objectives (intangible assets) and wealth management issues. We work closely with you to define income requirements, capital preservation goals, risk tolerance and any constraints.

Align Strategies

After quantitative and qualitative screening, in concert with our advisory group, we select from our previously-screened universe of managers who fit the goals, constraints, and risk tolerance of your investment policy. The integrity of managers and their organizations coupled with performance are the ultimate and deciding factors in manager selection.

Implement Solutions and Allocations

We monitor the asset allocation and risk parameters of the total portfolio as well as the performance to determine if the performance goals of the investment policy are being met on a continuing basis. This ensures adherence to your investment policy. If performance goals are not met we change the vehicle or move the assets.

Review Progress: Report, Recommend and Reallocate

Commonwealth AMG takes a proactive approach to reporting, meeting with you to review current performance as well as to discuss your changing objectives as they relate to the investment program and other related wealth management issues. Each quarter we provide our clients with in-depth portfolio analysis. Each report is customized to clearly communicate all client account information in a consolidated manner. We also meet regularly to highlight any pertinent issues, make recommendations and, if necessary, reallocate assets.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investments in equity and debt instruments are subject to the risks associated with investing in securities, including the risk of loss of principal, and will not necessarily be profitable. The performance of any portfolio manager participating with Commonwealth AMG is not guaranteed, nor is it guaranteed that your investment objectives will be met.