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Fairfax, Virginia 22030
(703) 250-6060

Our Foundation

Vision. A corporate philosophy starts with core values. For a firm to have long-term viability it must adhere to its core values at all times. Integrity, professional excellence, concern, sensitivity and diligent oversight are Commonwealth's core values. Our corporate philosophy is also apparent in our corporate mission: to develop ongoing wealth management and financial security by partnering with our clients to make sound, objective financial and investment decisions. So that you, the client, can See Your Wealth.SM

Service. Whether you are planning for intangibles in life: a comfortable retirement, your child's education, a daughter's wedding, and/or any other goals, we are prepared to advise you on the most appropriate investment vehicles available. We want you to feel secure that your aspirations are attainable. We take great pride in our sound, consistent, professional advice and service.

Investment Expertise. With specialized education and years of experience in investing and solving various financial issues, clients realize successful investing requires not only access to a variety of investment products, but the knowledge to use them correctly.

Objective Advice. We always provide 100% objective advice, not sales talk. Most who offer financial and investment advice are product salespersons of one kind or another. The only thing we "sell" is our expertise and experience.

Hard Working. We have an ambitious willingness to work hard, counterbalanced by a low-key, practical approach with pragmatic advice allowing you to live the life to which you are accustomed. You have worked hard developing your own career. Professional investment knowledge is not your principal vocation - it is ours.

Security. Retirement (or "Enjoyment" as some have come to claim it) is an important goal for many of our clients. Our investment professionals work towards structuring an investment plan to help you achieve your goals. We offer individuals a variety of investment vehicles for retirement saving, including traditional and Roth IRAs. In addition, we offer our business owners and corporate clients access to a number of retirement plan options, including SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, and 403(b), 401(K), and 412(i) plans, respectively. Contact us today to learn more.